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Transitional Social Housing Research with Participatory social innovation

Recognising the strategic importance of Transitional Social Housing (TSH) in breaking the dichotomy of public and private housing and TSH’s potential as an alternative housing type for the inadequately housed, in October 2018 Jockey Club Design Institute of Social Innovation (JCDISI) organised an “One from Hundred Thousand” Social Innovation Symposium on “ Transitional Social Housing” to deliberate how society can better use idle land resources to accelerate TSH supply as a form of empowerment house to tackle poverty.

It also provides a participatory social innovation platform for passionate members of the community from different disciplines and sectors to share their expertise, collaborate, produce innovative solutions to expedite TSH in Hong Kong.

During the “One from Hundred Thousand” Social Innovation Symposium co-creation stage, one topical case of individual flats and five sites with different socio-economic and physical constraints and potentials were chosen as case studies. Seven conceptual schemes were developed by 86 participants from different discipline and sectors during the co-creation and Symposium stage.

Provision of TSH has been taken as an opportunity to foster social integration, strengthen community relationship and develop a sense of belonging and pride to becoming part of the neighbourhood. Key concepts such as heritage and cultural preservation, neighbourhood enhancement and placemaking have been embedded in every conceptual design schemes developed through “One from Hundred Thousand” co-creation process and carried forward into the SOINNO Action Project stage.

Summary Report on ‘One from Hundred Thousand’ Season 1 Transitional Social Housing: https://www.polyu.edu.hk/disi/images/pdf/S1-Summary-Report.pdf

“One from Hundred Thousand” Co-creation Workshop

Three Experimental schemes :

Ma Wan Old Village, former SKH Stanley Village Primary School, sites at the Junction of Yen Chow Street West and Tung Chau Street

In late 2018 Ma Wan Old Village, the former SKH Stanley Village Primary School and a piece of vacant land at the junction of Tung Chau Street and Yen Chow Street in Sham Shui Po (SSP) were chosen by DISI to enter into the “SOINNO Action Projects” phase in an attempt to develop innovative yet technically sound, operationally efficient, practical and implementable building design schemes that is in full compliance with prevailing planning and building regulations of HKSAR to extend the social impact of the Symposium.

In support of JCDISI’s objective to stimulate participatory design and to share the technical knowledge generated from the knowledge creation process, Ronald Lu & Partners, C-Lab (LWK&P) and WSP, three renowned architectural and engineering firms in HK, partnered with JCDISI’s to develop the SOINNO Action Projects with the aim of making the detailed design scheme and associated technical information available free of charge for educational or non-profit making purposes. This would also allow parties interested in the delivering TSH to take the TSH schemes forward, secure the site and obtain funding required to deliver the proposals.

Action Project Stakeholder and Public Consultations

Model Details

01 Ma Wan

The scheme advocates an alternative approach to revitalise Ma Wan Old Village for public reference.  Based on the Master Layout Plan approved by the Town Planning Board to revitalise the village with business/tourism/entertainment/recreation elements, this integrated planning and design scheme incorporated community development elements including walking trails, art village, shophouses, catering and commercial streets, youth and elderly accommodations, community facilities and transitional social housing to reintroduce village life in the Ma Wan Old Village. The community development-led scheme will create a diverse and vibrant community and support the sustainable development of Ma Wan. Among these community development elements, about 172 transitional social housing units may be provided.

02 Stanley

The Former SKH Stanley Village Primary School is located at 5 Carmel road, Stanley. In addition to refurbishing the existing vacant school building for domestic use, the scheme also included a new 3-storey Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) block at the playground to provide a total of 54 living units. The ground floor of the former school building together with its forecourt could be utilised as a communal space for knitting a closer relationship between the tenants and the wider Stanley community.

03 Sham Shui Po

The Sham Shui Po site, approximately 5,000 m², is located at the junction of Yen Chow Street West and Tung Chau Street. Consisted of 4 Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Blocks, the proposed transitional social housing scheme may provide up to 372 living units. Its design and layout allow for provision of ample communal space not only for its own tenants, but also a “social boulevard” serving the wider community.