One Lab


One Lab was initiated by One Foundation with the purpose of “everyone can participate in public welfare”.One Lab encourages youth communities to give full play to their professional advantages, participate in public welfare in innovative ways, promote sustainable development of public welfare, and promote innovative solutions to social issues. One Lab is a cross-sectors platform for social innovation, dedicating to improve the willingness, opportunity and ability of everyone, especially emerging communities, to participate in the public good as much as possible.

One Lab aims to:

  • Support more sustainable development organizations Explore the ability to continuously solve social issues Enhance the social influence of public welfare organizations
  • Mobilize more communities to participate in the public good Break out of niche, narrowed, inefficient traditional community Encourage more communities to take action for the social good
  • Solve the lack of public participation in the path of innovation To solve the problem of public welfare participation in an innovative way and improve the public’s understanding and participation in social public life through experiential learning and common growth of the community

Innovation path 1:

Support social innovation projects with sustainable development model

The selection criteria:


Handshake 302

“Handshake 302” is an experimental public art project based on a village in the city of Shenzhen. It is also an art space. It aims to conduct activities such as artistic creation, research, academic exchange and community rediscovery.

Local programme

Through writing, activities, exhibitions and other forms of activities, this project goes deep into the streets or communities of the city, cultivates local cultural excavators, presents the unique features of the city with stories as the carrier, breaks the recognition of regional labels, and rebuilds the sense of belonging and identity to the region.

BeeCo Co-tiller and City Farmer

By connecting urban residents with daily issues such as vegetable growing on the balcony and urban beekeeping, this project establishes a community, builds a sharing platform for urban farmers, encourages and supports community residents to organize and initiate various community activities such as urban farmers market, and explores new possibilities of sustainable urban life.

Community Mom Vitality Apartment

This project is based on the common housing needs of workers in industrial areas. By sharing houses, this project improves the living conditions of workers, improves the neighborhood relationship between, and reconstructs the relationship between people in the community.

Anti-cancer Commune

The “Big love mutual aid for serious diseases” initiated by the Anti-cancer Commune is a mutual help and self-help “social security” platform relying on the Internet.

Innovation path 2:
Mobilize urban youth communities

1. Online community participation: community of Internet social platforms

Communities of Internet social platforms regularly share online innovation cases, energy classroom and offline public innovation resources.

2. Offline community participation: urban experimenter experience camp

Everyone can apply to be an urban experimenter online and participate in a different social innovation camp offline.