Hong Kong Housing Society

Connecting the Dots for Innovative Housing Solutions

The Housing Society was established in 1948 as the first housing NGO in Hong Kong. Being named the “Housing Laboratory”, we keep progressing with the times to explore new solutions to help address different housing needs of the people.  Such a spirit of innovation is the cornerstone for our business development.

Among various business initiatives in housing developments, the Housing Society has placed elderly housing as one of the strategic focus since the late 1990s, envisaging the rising needs and challenges in association with the growing ageing population in Hong Kong.  Accordingly, the Housing Society has rolled out over the years the Ageing-in-Place Scheme , Senior Citizen Residences Scheme and The Tanner Hill for the low-income elderly, middle-income elderly and the more affluent group respectively. Innovations are incorporated on all fronts from building and facilities design, elderly-care services, rental model to community building. 

With the pioneering experiences, the Housing Society commenced in 2011 the redevelopment of Ming Wah Dai Ha, an over 50-year-old estate facing both population ageing and building stock ageing.  The Integrated Redevelopment Model adopted will transform Ming Wah Dai Ha into an inter-generational community where elderly and young families can live in harmony together, setting up a new blueprint for future development.

Ageing-in-Place Scheme

Integrating Elderly Care into Property Management Service

Currently, over one-third of our rental estate tenants are aged 60 or above, and the percentage will continue to grow in the coming years.  The Housing Society started the AIP Scheme in 2012, which has been extended to all of our 20 rental estates.  The AIP Scheme provides a one-stop service and support network for the elderly residents to satisfy their needs in housing, healthcare and social support, so as to help them age in place.

Senior Citizen Residences (SEN) Scheme

Housing, Recreation, Medical and Care Services All-in-one for Middle-income Elderly

To cater to the housing needs of the middle-income elderly, the Housing Society embarked on the Senior Citizen Residences (SEN) Scheme in 1999. Two pilot projects, namely Jolly Place in Tseung Kwan O and Cheerful Court in Ngau Tau Kok, were completed in 2003 and 2004 respectively. The third SEN project at Lee Kung Street in Hung Hom is expected to launch in 2022. Elderly-friendly residential units are provided under “long lease” arrangement.

Universal designs are adopted in the residential units of SEN to meet the physical needs of the elderly residents at different life stages.

All facilities, public spaces and residential units are designed with minimum barriers for the convenience of the elderly, such as spacious lifts and corridors with seats and handrails for the convenience of wheelchair users.

A fully-equipped clubhouse and 24-hour professional healthcare staff and medical services are provided for the residents. 

A fully-equipped clubhouse and 24-hour professional healthcare staff and medical services are provided for the residents. 

Jolly Place at Tseung Kwan O

Cheerful Court at Ngau Tau Kok

The Tanner Hill

The First Quality Elderly Housing Project in Hong Kong

The Housing Society noticed that senior citizens with better financial capability were not provided with enough quality housing options.  Thus, The Tanner Hill, a quality housing project providing 588 independent living residential units with “elderly-friendly” designs and ancillary facilities was launched in 2015.  From concept development to site selection, from planning, design and construction to the later marketing promotion and leasing modules, The Tanner Hill project gathered experts from across the fields for collaboration and innovating solutions that create the most suitable “Ageing in Place” option for the elderly in Hong Kong.

Application of Gerontechnology

User-oriented smart designs and applications are included in every unit for the health and safety of residents.

Age-friendly Community

The Tanner Hill comes with facilities such as:

  • Medical centre
  • Chinese Medicine Specialty Clinic
  • A clubhouse with a gymnasium, arts and crafts studio, mini-theatre, indoor heated swimming pool and restaurants. 

Meeting Medical and Healthcare Needs

The Joyous Circle provides skilled care services, including Residential Care Home for the Elderly; day care centre; cognitive training centre; and rehabilitation centre, ensuring our residents to be continually taken care of at the different stages of their senior years.

Redevelopment of Ming Wah Dai Ha

Creating a Community for Inter-generational Living

Most of the existing rental estates of the Housing Society were built in the 1960s to 1970s.  Apart from regular maintenance and extensive rehabilitation works, the Housing Society has also been carefully planning the redevelopment of aged estates, hoping to bring our tenants a more comfortable living environment with up-to-date provisions, while allowing us to better utilise the development potential of the sites.

Ming Wah Dai Ha’s three-phase redevelopment project with an Integrated Redevelopment Model was announced in 2011.  The entire project is expected to complete in 2032 with a vision to become a harmonious neighbourhood for different age groups. 

The Phase I redevelopment of Ming Wah Dai Ha is expected to complete in 2020, providing 966 rental units for re-housing the residents affected by the redevelopment project to make way for Phase II works.

The redeveloped Ming Wah Dai Ha will provide 3,919 units for elderly and small families. (Illustration)