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HKGBC’s Contribution on Ageing Problem and Building Ageing Problem

Chinachem Sustainability Conference 2019

Co-organised by the HKGBC and Chinachem Group, the conference was held on 29 March 2019 with the theme “Sustainable Neighbourhood: How to Foster Age-friendly Developments”

Speakers from the Government, university, overseas and different professional fields exchanged ideas on technical solutions to the issue of an ageing population. Topics included: interior design for homes; the “ageing-in-place” concept to facilitate senior and healthcare needs in housing; challenges and opportunities in building sustainable neighbourhood in the context of ageing buildings; and sharing of a successful case study on how to embrace the ageing community and meet their needs through planning, design policies and programmes.

HKGBC will continue to work with different industry sectors to transform Hong Kong into an age-friendly city.


HKGBC Jockey Club Green and Smart Community Buildings Project

HKGBC and the Jockey Club collaborated on the Green and Smart Community Buildings Project from July 2018 to December 2019. The project conducted in-depth gap analysis of 6 buildings from 4 NGOs in Hong Kong to facilitate their future transformation into green buildings.

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Cyril and Amy Cheung Aged Care Complex of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council was one of the participating buildings. Recommendations included suggested retrofit works such as installation of large glass window for natural light penetration and natural ventilation. Through the transformation, the elderly home will be able to provide a greener and more comfortable living environment for the residents and enhance their quality of life.

Various workshops were also held for building users including the elders. By playing games and creating recycled handcrafts, they gained environmental knowledge and shared green ideas.

For more information about the project, please visit: https://www.hkgbc.org.hk/eng/engagement/public-initiatives/jockeyclub-green-smart-community-project/index.jsp

Past and Future Population Ageing Trend

Around 1 in 3 Persons Will Be Elders in 2038

Total Population of Hong Kong and its Growth

Population of children (below 18) shrank
Population of elderly (aged 65 +) rose continuously

Projected Total Population of Hong Kong and its Growth

The median age will increase from 29.9 to 45.3

Source: Population ageing trend of Hong Kong, Economic Letter 2019/02, Office of the Government Economist, HKSAR, Jan 2019

Ageing Buildings in Hong Kong

Over 326,000 Private Housing Units Aged 70 or Above in 2046

Ageing Buildings Inadequate to Cater for Ageing Population

  • Additional pressure for a healthcare system
  • Inefficiencies and long waiting time for admission to residential care homes for the elderly
Source: https://www.ourhkfoundation.org.hk/sites/default/files/media/pdf/healthtech_eng_cover_ss.pdf
and Social Welfare Department (2017)

Rethinking Design – Elderly Friendly Design

Core Age-Friendly Elements in a City

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings



Social Participation

Respect and Social Inclusion

Civic Participation and Employment

Communication and Information

Community Support and Health Services

Source: https://www.hk2030plus.hk/building1.htm and Global Age-Friendly Cities: A Guide, World Health Organization, 2007

Ageing in Place

Ageing in place as the core concept with institutional care as back-up

Home Safety



Abled Brain


Community Partners

Source: Hong Kong Housing Society

Elderly Friendly Home Modifications

Age-Friendly Home DIY Booklet

Source: Hong Kong Housing Society

Slip-resistant Materials


Barrier Free


Safe Cooking

Local Case Studies

Cross-Generation Living: Harmony Place

  • Residential Units
  • Residential Units for Elderly
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Shopping Mall
  • Underground Carpark

Quality Elderly Housing: The Tanner Hill

  • Joyous Hub
  • Residents Club
  • Skilled Care Facilities
  • Individual Residential Units
Source: Hong Kong Housing Society

Overseas Case Studies (Singapore)

Designing Care Facilities Near Homes

All-in-one Village : Kampung Admiralty

• Apartments
• Medical Centre
• Eldercare and Childcare Centres
• Community Park
• Hawker Centre

Acknowledgement to Kampung Admiralty by WOHA, awarded “World Building of the Year” at the 2018 World Architecture Festival.
First photo photographed by Darren Soh
Second photo photographed by K.Kopter

Retrofit in Existing Public Housing – Age-friendly Installations

Enhancements for Active Seniors (EASE)

Grab Bars

Slip-resistant Treatment

Wheelchair Lifter

Ramps (Portable and Single-step Ramps)

Acknowledgement to Singapore Housing and Development Board


Smart Home Care System

Smart Monitoring

Smart Mobility

Emergency Alert System

Smart Healthcare


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The Founding Members of HKGBC include the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Business Environment Council (BEC), the BEAM Society Limited (BSL) and the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC). Its mission is to lead the market transformation to a sustainable built environment in Hong Kong by guiding the development of industry standards, best practices, education, and research in green buildings.

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