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Kapok Social Innovators Training Program” is dedicated to cultivating the ability of public welfare organizations to solve social problems with business models and innovative methods. Since 2014, more than 200 social innovators from 22 provinces and 46 cities have joined the programme, and 11 regional support networks have been established in China.

“Social Innovator Training Camp” supports the capacity improvement of public welfare organizations seeking transformation of social enterprises.

Kapok Social Innovation Product Design Competition” is aimed at mature social innovation product teams and provides diverse entrepreneurial support.

“Kapok Good Products” supports the birth of 100 good products that make the world a better place, hoping to promote the implementation support of social innovation with good products with endogenous development power.

“Kapok Good Products” includes:

Dali, yunnan · traditional tie-dye handmade

The tie-dye keeper who believes in the philosophy of natural life has inherited the tie-dye skills of the bai nationality.

Yunnan shangri-la · magic town livelihood improvement project

Small start-up fund for e-commerce entrepreneurship helps improve villagers’ livelihood and capacity.

Zhongshan pink workshop, guangdong

Breast cancer survivors make handmade bags and start businesses to reintegrate them into society.

Pingxiang, jiangxi · xingguang emotional debugging workshop

Psychological counseling courses and counseling to help more women with cancer and single mothers break through the psychological plight.

Shandong peasant painting studio

Rural women paint on their doorstep, helping to build the rural economy and culture, and gaining the confidence to do a decent job.

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