Golden Age Foundation (GAF) is a registered non-profit organization (Charity No.:91/14446) formed in 2015. GAF has taken a pioneering role in promoting Smart Ageing Cities in Asia, to develop the Golden Age economy and to empower the Golden Age population (people who are 45+, ready-to-retire/retired) to lead healthy, active and purposeful lives. We curate a series of innovative events including the annual Golden Age Expo & Summit, various capacity-building programmes and community projects through creative collaborations with the private and public sectors. We have successfully established a platform that connects different sectors, generations and people from all walks of life to collaborate and innovate for Smart Ageing Cities.

GAF strives to develop Hong Kong as a smart ageing city and sets up a framework to focus on the following sectors:

  • Golden Age Economy (Business & Finance)
  • Wellness, Medical and Healthcare
  • Productivity and Social Engagement
  • Technological Application
  • Social Cohesion and Cross-generational Harmony

Golden Age Expo & Summit

The annual Golden Age Expo & Summit (GAES) has been hailed as one of the most influential events of its kind in Asia. In its 5th year in 2020, it will play an increasingly important role in promoting the elderly and allied industries, creating successful business and social collaborations.

The Expo

It is an excellent showcase and marketing forum for a wide range of innovative products, services and solutions from all parts of the world, including:

• Smart Home Products
• Social Services
• Medical and Rehab Aids
• Continuing Education
• Healthcare Products
• End-of-life Education
• Financial Planning & Insurance
• Recreation and Lifestyle Products
• Cutting-edge Technology

The Summit

The Summit has been highly recognized as the leading platform for highlighting best practices, ideas and collaborations. The 5th Summit will be more dynamic than ever.  Renowned global, regional and local leaders will discuss forward-looking ideas and practices covering major aspects of a smart ageing city, from business and finance, health care, work and retirement, wealth planning, urban planning, community development to cross-generation collaboration.

Golden Age Academy

Golden Age Academy (GAA) aims to transform Golden Agers to become change makers in solving systemic problems by providing innovative life-long learning opportunities and community engagement activities.

The Golden Age Fellows program provides a cross-sector and collaborative platform for Golden Agers to turn their passion and innovative ideas into feasible plans and actions.

The Pledge of Love project is to promote the message of love to the community. By using cross-generational activities, family ties will be strengthened; unity among family members will be fostered; social inclusion of people of different ages will be cultivated.

Golden Age Docent program recruits and trains Golden Agers to participate in conservation activities and to start a fruitful path as docents.

Golden Age – Climate Change & Conservation Ambassador program aims to provide essential knowledge and help Golden Agers to understand the issues of climate change and conservation. Participants will be empowered to share their knowledge or organize activities within their communities in the future and spread related messages to different groups in the society.