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Longlive, founded in 2011, has successively established the pension service center with community pension as the main business; the social work center with community service as the main business; the Industrial Development Co., Ltd. with aging adaptation as the main business; the national aging adaptation special public welfare fund; Beijing Aging Science Research Institute; and the European Aging Product Research and Development Center.


As one of the first leaders and promoters of China’s aging industry, based on a complete investigation of the health and domestic conditions of the customer, Longlive would like to offer and carry out a customized plan by using specially designed facilities and intelligent devices, which could enable the elderly to live independently, safely and comfortably in a familiar environment. This meets the demand of the aged Chinese, since they prefer staying home to living in bead houses. Longlive forms a business model of “evaluation + product + service”, and takes the combination of software and hardwares of standardized products and services system as the core competitiveness. As a smart solution operator suitable for the aged and livable, it will be replicated and promoted nationwide.


Longlive has established Beijing Aging Science Research Institute and the European Aging Product Research and Development Center. We have conducted a large number of market surveys in more than ten cities across the country to extract the data and experience of our first-line pension services for eight years. At the same time, the product design, R & D and overall configuration are carried out in combination with advanced technologies such as intelligent technology and material science. We adhere to the goal of continuously promoting high-quality products suitable for the elderly to meet the market demand and filling the market gap, so as to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Hip protector as the first sophisticated tech product by Longshare,it’s a product suitable for the elderly that Longlive has been working hard for one year. It integrates its protection concept into daily life to effectively prevent the customer from suffering the injury caused by falls, especially hip fractures.

In the process of product R & D, we not only invested all R & D resources of Longlive Pension, Beijing Aging Science Research Institute and the European Aging Product Research and Development Center, but also cooperated with many parties to create the product, with opinions such as domestic authoritative orthopedic experts, red dot award industrial design team, and collected the true opinions of 153 nurses, 500 elderly people and 341 family members.

The main function of hip protector is to prevent falling injury, especially secondary falling injury.

When the human body falls or is hit, the built-in shock pad will tighten instantly, form a protective layer, absorb and digest external forces, effectively reduce the injury caused by falls on the hip, and reduce the occurrence of hip fracture in the elderly. It is suitable for the elderly over 65 years old, hemiplegia, lower limb disability and other vulnerable groups, porcelain dolls, osteoporosis and other fracture high-risk groups, and hip fracture recovery protection.

To improve the quality of life of the elderly and reduce the care burden of  children

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