5% Design Action


5% Design Action social design platform recruits cross-disciplinary designers and professionals to co-create in “Design Action” project, encouraging people from different disciplines to share 5% of their leisure time (or time after work), contributing to the society by applying their expertise and design capabilities originally used in corporate innovation.

The project process is also centered on the “service design method”, at the same time connecting the public sector, the NPO organization, and the private sectors (corporations), which are related to the key social issues, to work together and to co-create value and innovative solutions.

5% Design Action social design platform focuses on three major categories:  Education, Health, Environment and Economy. Since 2013, we have gathered more than 8,000 designers and professionals to participate in our projects, and we are still looking forward to gather more “Social Designers”, and ultimately connect to the world. At 5% Design Action, we hope to create sustainable social innovation impact for our society, and for the world.

At 5% Design Action, we promote…

Everyone can be a Social Designer

Co-Creation and Co-learning across Sectors, Cities, and Disciplines

Life Space at the first line of Society

Social Innovation Actions through various means

“User-centered” design research

Continued Dialogue, Sustained Social Influences

What does 5% Design Action do?

Promote Design Trial and Implementation

5% Design Action selects effective, feasible, and influential social design concepts, and jointly launch trials with cooperating agencies, allowing good designs to be seen and duplicated, in order to help more people.

Innovative Design Research

Targeting specific social issues, and adopting design research methodologies to explore client situations, identify problems and pain points, and find possible opportunities, through first-hand or second-hand information, and compile and propose research reports to help grasp key insights and creative opportunities.

Social Design Talent Incubation

We offer 1) interdisciplinary talent incubation for enterprises, 2) introduction of innovative thinking for NGO/NPO, 3) Introduction of design into city governance and policy, and 4) interdisciplinary teaching staff training for universities, organizing practical design workshops to create innovative DNA within organizations.

Motto of 5% Design Action

Small action; Big Difference.